The mission of Island Lake and Miracle Ranch is to love God by serving youth and those who serve and disciple them, through exceptional camp experiences and excellent facilities, in order to introduce them to Jesus Christ and strengthen their relationships with Him. Our vision is to provide an opportunity for youth to be drawn into a transforming relationship with Christ and offer leadership experiences at the premier camping facility in the Northwest.

"I now want to really live for Christ so that other people, like my boyfriend, will see that He is real
and living in me.

I know that I'll have friends like Jen, Gretchen and Ali who will be there for me no matter what. It was the best week of my life!"


Young Lives group camper

CRISTA Camps' school-season guest group attendance increased by 1,274 campers in FY 2008, for a total of 27,086—representing a 4.9% increase. Our ministry to groups continues to expand and is responsible for camps' overall growth.

We also welcomed several new additions to our staff in FY 2008. Shane Carlson (Director of Island Lake), came to CRISTA Camps with 15 years of Christian camping experience. Other new additions, Brian Kienle (Associate Director of Miracle Ranch), Tracie Hylton (Office Coordinator) and Darin Gemmer (Miracle Ranch Program Director), bring strong Christian foundations to their leadership.

Miracle Ranch accomplished two major facility improvements in FY 2008. We added two new high ropes elements to further campers' team-bonding experience. Also, we installed an 1,800-foot paved trail to connect the Chuckwagon Inn to all the log cabins, easing the way for campers and guest groups during inclement weather.

CRISTA Camps - Miracle Ranch and Island Lake

Revenues(In thousands)

Fees for service$2,517


Gifts in kind 4

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Expenses(In thousands)

Program services$3,066

Fundraising & Promotion122

Management & General133


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