Dear Friends,

More than ever, I appreciate all the individuals who carry out our mission. I am amazed how God continues to call people of exceptional character and talent together within this organization, molding us into one dedicated mission.

We serve in different places: Seattle, Bremerton, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Kenya. We serve in different ways: as nurses, broadcasters, teachers, disaster-relief coordinators, veterinarians, accountants and administrators. But we share one mission: loving God by serving people. As we serve, we develop dynamic, life-changing relationships with people. This year’s building updates and remodels are external evidence of our commitment to this mission, and the stories throughout this annual report website show the internal impact these dynamic relationships have on people’s hearts.

Following much deliberation and prayer, we made two major changes at the ministry level this year. Intercristo joined the Salem Communication group, an excellent fit for their continued growth. CRISTA’s Women’s Ministries became a separate entity, free to pursue their particular calling. CRISTA is now a family of seven ministries. I invite you to learn more about each ministry in this online report.

CRISTA Ministries makes a difference first through who we are and then through what we do. Our people are the key: Christ-centered, and at their core having a deep desire for their work to be in tune with God’s work. Sometimes that is easier said than done! We are not simply asking Him to bless our plans; we want to be in line with His plans and execute them in His ways. I count it a privilege to lead CRISTA at a time of great challenge and great opportunity. I hope that, as part of the CRISTA family, “your joy may be complete” (John 15:11).

Thank you, and God bless!

Bob Lonac
President & CEO

Bob Lonac - President