World Concern, a Christian humanitarian organization, works closely with individuals and communities in some of the most neglected areas of the world. Motivated by Christ’s love, we strive to eliminate core causes of poverty. We do this by emphasizing livelihood training, literacy and education; and providing access to clean water, food, health care and disaster assistance.

"Besides getting the loans to help my business grow, I have also found friendship in the group. We share our hopes and experiences together. Even if we are facing other problems in the community, World Concern has brought us hope."

James, Haiti
World Concern Microcredit
Group Member

World Concern’s worldwide workforce consists of thousands of employees, volunteers, international partners and donors who work together to help communities become self-sustaining. In FY 2008, World Concern responded in the aftermath of Cyclone Nagris in Myanmar, providing food aid for over 60,000 people; rebuilding 400 homes as well as community infrastructure; assisting 5,700 farmers with replanting; distributing mosquito net and hygiene kits extensively; and providing social support activities, including trauma workshops for community leaders.

HIV/AIDS victims and the orphans left behind—who are especially vulnerable to life challenges—received our support. In Haiti, we provided resources to mitigate the extreme effects of the global food crisis, including food aid for people in our HIV/AIDS program: fortified rice was provided to 845 orphan children, and regular hot meals and social support were provided to 1,100 people in our AIDS care program.

We extended over $3.1 million in microloans (small business loans) to 16,468 impoverished men and women in Bolivia, Haiti and Bangladesh, giving them an opportunity to work their way out of poverty. In rural communities in Kenya and Sudan, where traditional banking services were previously unavailable, we are setting up and providing training for member-owned Financial Service Associations (village banks).

World Concern

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